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Dry Mouth Relief Begins Now.

A new approach to dealing with chronic dry mouth.

Anyone who’s had difficulty swallowing, speaking, or sleeping because of chronic dry mouth knows how uncomfortable, even debilitating, this condition can be. Chronic or acute dry mouth (xerostomia) has many causes. Some are from a genetic condition or the aging process. Others are the result of radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, or as a side effect of prescription medication. Whatever the cause, a persistent dry mouth can affect the quality of a person’s life.

Watch the video below to learn more about The Voutia™ System!

Hands-Free Operation

Voutia™ mimics salivary moisture so you can live your life while the device delivers hydration to your mouth. Attach the device to your hip and go about your day as you normally would!

Adjustable Flow-rate

Since salivary production varies over the course of the day, Voutia's™ adjustable settings allow users to continuously meet their specific needs—allowing you to achieve peak levels of comfort.

Long Battery Life

A rechargeable battery with extended life allows you to achieve comfort day or night. Enjoy Voutia’s benefits for up to 6 - 8 hours of continuous use. Experience long lasting relief!

Sleep, work, live— in comfort.

Slightly larger than a smartphone, Voutia™ is a convenient and portable device that fits easily in a shoulder bag or clipped at your hip.

Dry mouth is more than a discomfort. Chronic dry mouth (xerostomia) can happen as a result of the aging process or from medical conditions or medications and it is known to contribute to difficulty swallowing, sleeping, & talking.  With no harsh chemicals or complicated directions, Voutia™ works by providing the mouth with water that mimics saliva during the day or at night.  Adjustable settings allow every user to find what works best for them!  Get your life back with Voutia™! 

Voutia™ is a simple hands-free system utilizing a quiet micro-pump and ultra-fine tubing to deliver fluid directly to the user’s mouth. A slow, controlled delivery is essential to mimicking typical salivary function. Since salivary production is a process that varies over the course of the day, Voutia’s™ adjustability blends into the body’s natural rhythm.  

Customer with a Voutia system
Customer with a Voutia system

“Voutia™ has changed my life.

It has given me a lot of hope… In spite of my difficulties, I’ve been able to go out and have a very comfortable existence. It is so appreciated!

– Dr. Jane Middleton

Ready to start experiencing relief?

Continuous Relief for Chronic Dry Mouth.

The Voutia™ System is designed to be used by individuals suffering from a perceived or actual lack of sufficient saliva production. Use by individuals with an impaired swallowing ability, risk of aspiration, impaired mental status, or has failed a physician prescribed swallow test is not recommended. This device is not waterproof. Do not immerse the device or allow it to be in direct contact with fluids to avoid potential damage to the unit. DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE DISCOMFORT OR TROUBLE WITH SWALLOWING, CHOKING OR ASPIRATING.