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Radiation and the Thyroid Gland
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS Radiation Treatment and Your Thyroid Gland How radiation treatment and your thyroid gland interact can change your systemic health. Learn why it is important to monitor your thyroid gland during and after your treatment.  Let us take a closer look at why this is so
Managing Your Dry Mouth Prevention Comfort
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS How To Manage Your Dry Mouth Finding ways to manage your dry mouth and incorporate it into your daily routine can be a challenge.  Regardless of how it came about, managing your dry mouth effectively can lead to a much better quality of life.  It
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS How Dry Mouth Effects Your Health For some people, just having a chronically dry mouth can be more than an irritating discomfort.  How dry mouth effects your health may hold some surprises for you.  Understandably, every part of our body effects, influences, and contributes in
Chemotherapy and oral health
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS Chemotherapy and Your Oral Health:  Things You Should Know If you or a loved one are fighting cancer, chances are that chemotherapy will impact oral health.  There are things you should know and be aware of so the journey through this challenging time can be
Bottled water users need to know what they are drinking
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS Just Because its in a Bottle, Doesn’t Mean its Good… Not All Bottled Waters Are the Same. Make sure you know your water before you drink because not all bottled waters are the same.  This is quite a surprise!  What you don’t know could actually
why do I have dry mouth
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS How Did I Get Such a Dry Mouth? It may surprise you, but dry mouth is a very common condition.  Why people experience it and how it happens are surprising.  Lets take a look at the how and why you may have this happen to
side effect support, Jill Meyer-Lippert, help, oral cancer, dry mouth
Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH Saliva: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH Offers Dry Mouth Sufferers Support, Guidance, and Help My goal as Registered Dental Hygienist of nearly 30 years has been to provide support, guidance and help to those suffering with dry mouth. I have personally
late effects of radiation on the mouth
By Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS Survivors of head and neck cancer endure an exceedingly difficult journey.  Late effects of radiation treatment become apparent years after they have been cured.  As a dentist who has worked with patients faced with this life changing diagnosis, I wanted to try and summarize some
Patient with tongue complaints related to Sjogren's. So called "Sjogren's tongue" is related to chronic dry mouth.
By Brooke Crouch Are the terms “Sjogren’s tongue” or “burning mouth syndrome” familiar? You may have heard or used these phrases when counseling patients dealing with Sjogren’s. An autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s causes a range of oral complications. So, what conditions do these terms describe and how do they affect our
dry mouth voutia user
One of the exciting things I experience is reading a head and neck cancer survivor’s review of our Voutia System for dry mouth.  Dry mouth is a horrible condition in head and neck cancer survivor’s lives.  It doesn’t care who you are.  So many aspects of daily life are affected: