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Voutia Instructions


  1. Setup
  2. Charging

Downloadable Resources

Voutia™ Instruction Guide – Click Here
Voutia™ Warranty Information – Click Here
Important Safety Information – Click Here
HSA/FSA Medical Necessity Form – Click Here


NOTE:  The water in the reservoir image has been enhanced with food coloring to provide a clear image of the reservoir.  This system is FDA cleared for use with potable water only.

Step 1.

Attach the connector to the port marked “IN” on the top right as shown. You have successfully connected your water supply.

Step 2.

Locate the 3cc priming syringe and adapter included with the Voutia™ system.

Step 3.

Attach the priming syringe to the top left “OUT” port using the included adapter as shown.

Step 4.

GENTLY drawback on the plunger until you see the priming syringe begin to fill with water.

DO NOT USE MUCH FORCE.  Detach the filled priming syringe from the unit and dispose of the contents in an appropriate manner.  DO NOT INJECT WATER BACK INTO THE “OUT” PORT.

You have successfully primed your Voutia™ system.

Step 5.

Locate the included headset and its corresponding connector.

Step 6.

Connect the headset to the upper left “OUT” port as shown.

Do not overtighten.

Step 7.

Once you have put on the headset and placed the oral micro-tube where desired, depress and release the center button marked ”O”.  This will power your device on.

Step 8.

Once on, the Voutia™ system will perform a system check and go into “Standby” mode.

Step 9.

Pressing the up or down arrows, select the desired delivery flow rate from the reservoir.

(0.1ml/min to 0.9ml/min)


Step 1.

To attach the Voutia™ system to the included wall power/charging unit, locate the male adapter on the power charger shown here.

Step 2.

Align the connector and gently insert the power adapter into the device port.

There is only one way it will connect, so slowly rotate the adapter cord until it “clicks” into place.