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Having oral dryness is not only uncomfortable, if not managed properly, there are many issues that can arise over time.  In Developing the Voutia™ System, we sought to offer a safe and predictable way to offer relief from the dryness symptoms during the day AND night hours.

The following are some of the complications that can develop from an unmanaged dry mouth:

  1. Excessive thirst:  The dryness of the mouth causes a person to feel excessively thirsty during the day, night or in the morning and may disrupt getting a good nights rest.
  2. Dry tongue and throat:  This is often characterized by a burning sensation. Dry tongue can easily attract fungal and bacterial infections leading to tongue and throat complications.
  3. Mouth sores:  Saliva helps in preventing lips and mouth from cracking and becoming sore. With insufficient amount of saliva in the mouth there is a high chance of discomfort from these.
  4. Tooth decay:  Saliva helps to counter the acids bacteria make naturally in your mouth. Without being able to control the acidity, the result is often cavities forming.
  5. Eating complications:  Chewing and swallowing are normally difficult with a dry mouth. It is even worse with dry, hard foods such as bread and cereal.
  6. Halitosis:  Bad breath due to bacteria in the mouth is common with people who have a dry mouth at night. This is noticed in the morning when you wake up and can even extend throughout the day.
  7. Oral Candidiasis (Thrush):Low volume of saliva in the mouth can allow a fungal infection in the mouth, known as candidiasis or oral thrush, to form. Symptoms include a thick cream-colored coating on the tongue, inside of the cheeks and throat.  When wiped away, the tissue is left reddish and very sore.
  8. Gingivitis:  This is a condition characterized by swollen, bleeding and uncomfortable gums. Treatment and good oral hygiene can relieve the symptoms, but when not treated can progress to the gum disease periodontitis.
  9. Periodontitis: This disease, which affects the gums and surrounding tissues, leads to the loss of teeth. At advanced levels, it can cause bone loss around some or all teeth leading to the inability to bite and chew well.

Also,  xerostomia can be a symptom of a larger medical issue. If your dry mouth is accompanied by other symptoms — including a burning sensation in the mouth, cracked lips or corners of the mouth, more plaque than normal and bad breath – it is important that you talk to your healthcare professional about what you can do to address it.

Dry mouth at night, in the morning, and constant during the day sounds like an inconvenience but may be dangerous. Get frequent oral check by a dentist or a doctor to avoid the risks and complications it can lead to.

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