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The Complete Voutia System

Voutia: Our Mission is to Help Dry Mouth Sufferers

Voutia is a new approach to chronic dry mouth management.

Our mission is to help dry mouth sufferers maintain their quality of life 24 hours a day.



Thank you for visiting our new Voutia(tm) blog page! As an innovator in the approach to managing acute and chronic dry mouth (AKA: xerostomia), the mission of the Voutia system is to help manage dry mouth effectively.   We hope that our blog page can help the numerous sufferers of this condition with information on dry mouth causes and management!


Dry Mouth is More Common Than Most Realize

You are not alone. Dry mouth is a serious side effect of many medications, medical procedures, autoimmune disorders, and the aging process. Tens of millions of people deal with this silently every day. We feel they deserve to have as many management options available to them as possible.


Dry Mouth Differs Among Sufferers

Each person is unique in their suffering and needs. Some suffer with complete loss of saliva while others are afflicted with a significant reduction. No matter the cause or severity, the absence or reduction of saliva places individuals at a major disadvantage for maintaining their oral health and quality of life.



A Mission to Help

Our company, Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc., hopes to provide a practical and useful management option for those dealing with or have family members living with this uncomfortable issue. Please feel free to contact us if you have a safe and successful strategy you would like us to share with others.
Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS
Founder: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc.