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Common Dry Mouth Conditions

Voutia™ is specifically designed for continuous symptom relief of dry mouth caused by:

  • Prescription drug side effects
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation treatment
  • Sjögren’s Syndrome
  • Dry mouth from the natural aging process

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Teacher with chronic dry mouth using a Voutia system

HSA/FSA Medical Necessity Form


“There is nothing on the market like Voutia™…”

I am a dental hygienist and a Sjogren’s sufferer and Voutia has been a game changer for me. I would absolutely recommend anyone suffering from dry mouth give Voutia a try!


– Brooke Crouch, RDH

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Helping People Achieve Relief.

As a cancer survivor who suffered from dry mouth, Dr. Cash became frustrated with the limited treatment options available. For head and neck cancer patients as well as people suffering from some autoimmune disorders, the uncomfortable oral side effects that accompany chronic dry mouth can negatively impact your quality of life.  Without relief and comfort, many individuals suffer unimaginably during and after their health battle.  The Voutia™ system includes items necessary to provide immediate and continuous relief from dry mouth symptoms.

The Voutia™ System is designed to be used by individuals suffering from a perceived or actual lack of sufficient saliva production. Use by individuals with an impaired swallowing ability, risk of aspiration, impaired mental status, or has failed a physician prescribed swallow test is not recommended. This device is not waterproof. Do not immerse the device or allow it to be in direct contact with fluids to avoid potential damage to the unit. DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE DISCOMFORT OR TROUBLE WITH SWALLOWING, CHOKING OR ASPIRATING.