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Add comfort to your daily routine.

When added to your daily routine, The Voutia™ System offers relief from chronic dry mouth with no adverse side effects. FDA cleared and beta tested for over three years, this hands-free system seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Click below to learn more!

“Voutia™ has changed my life.

It has given me a lot of hope… In spite of my difficulties, I’ve been able to go out and have a very comfortable exisistence. It is so appreciated!

– Jane Middleton

Continuous Relief for Chronic Dry Mouth.

Hands-Free Operation

Voutia™ duplicates typical salivary function, so you can go about living your life while the device delivers hydration to your mouth. Attach the device to your hip and go about your day as you would normally!

Adjustable Flow-rate

Since saliva production varies over the course of the day, Voutia's™ adjustable settings allow users to continuously meet their specific needs—allowing you to achieve peak levels of comfort.

Long Battery Life

A rechargeable battery with extended battery life allows you to achieve comfort all night long, even on just one charge. Enjoy Voutia's™ benefits 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year long.

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A new approach to dealing with chronic dry mouth.

Xerostomia (commonly known as dry mouth) occurs as a result of either biologically induced (occurring as a result of a disease process in a person’s body) or iatrogenically induced (occurring as a result of a treatment or medication for certain medical conditions). Perpetual dry mouth leads to discomfort, difficulty speaking and swallowing, and can contribute to the damage of oral tissue. Discover how The Voutia™ System delivers symptom relief for its users.