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The Voutia™ System

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We want our users to be satisfied.  If you purchase a Voutia™ System and it does not help to ease your dry mouth symptoms.  You may return your complete system to us within 30 days of the date of purchase.  Our company will reimburse the original purchaser the purchase price less a 20% refurbishing fee.

Return Procedure:

1.  Contact our company at 804-803-1840 or through email at SUPPORT@VOUTIA.COM.

2.  Notify us of the intent to return your Voutia System.

3.  A short return form will be provided to the purchaser to be filled out in it’s entirety and accompany your returned system.

4.  Mail your System in it’s original packaging along with the return form to:

VH&NT, Inc.

Attn: Returns

10149 Bon Air Crest Dr.

Richmond, Virginia  23235


The Voutia™ System is indicated to provide immediate relief of acute or chronic dry throat and dry mouth by coating, moistening, and lubricating the mouth by pumping water directly from a bottle, through a small tube, and into the mouth.  It is intended for use in individuals suffering from acute and chronic dry mouth. 

This device is not waterproof. Do not immerse the device or allow it to be in direct contact with fluids to avoid potential damage to the unit.

WARNING: DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE DISCOMFORT OR TROUBLE WITH SWALLOWING, CHOKING OR ASPIRATING. The Voutia™ System is NOT intended to be used by individuals with an impaired swallowing ability, risk of aspiration, impaired mental status, or anyone who has failed a physician prescribed swallow test.

Due to the nature of the device, no refunds will be accepted after 30 days from the date of purchase.

What's Included

This Complete Package contains all the following pieces needed to begin using the Voutia™ System.  

One (1) Voutia™ System pump with an LCD display, Touchpad for adjusting the water flow, and a rechargeable battery (110 Volts)

Three (3) Voutia™ System Earpieces with tubing (Regular, Large, & Nighttime)

One (1) Small (Approx. 8 oz) Water Reservoir with Tubing   

One (1) Large (16 fl/oz) Water Reservoir with Tubing

One (1) Large (Approx. 24 oz) Lightweight, collapsible Water Reservoir with Tubing

Two (2) 3cc Priming Syringes

One (1) Wall Charger for use in a 110v wall outlet

9 reviews for The Voutia™ System

  1. Bryan D

    Was a life saver when I needed it. Really helped me with dry especially when trying to sleep

  2. Bryan D

    Great product, highly recommended for dry mouth.

  3. Bryan D

    Great product for dry mouth. Really helped for sleeping

  4. Kurt Haselman, DDS

    This is an absolute life changer for my patients during and post cancer treatment. This will be the standard of care in the near future!

  5. Denny Garnett

    I was one of the first test subjects. When I first started using the product, I had just finished 59 radiation treatments and 10 chemos. I had stage 4 base of tongue cancer.my quality of life sucked. Always carrying around water bottles. The Voutia system changed my life completely. When I first started, I basically used it 24 hours a day. After around 3 years I slowly started using it occasionally. I don’t know if it cured my dry mouth, but very rarely need it. It was a game changer for me. I’m just 1 patient, but I recommend this product if you want quality of life changed!!!

  6. Mike Greco

    I have lived with chronic dry mouth for over 17 years. Radiation and chemo treatments in early 2004 cured my Head and Neck cancer but left me with more than a few physical side effects, none as bad as dry mouth. Over the counter products I purchased helped but provided only temporary relief and most importantly, I could not find anything that would help me at night when my dry mouth was at its worst.

    About a year ago I met a dentist in an on-line cancer support community and we began a casual conversation about dry mouth and he disclosed the fact that he was currently working on a mechanical pump system that would provide all day and all night relief from dry mouth. He said he was naming it Voutia and hoped it would be available within a year.

    When Voutia finally launched I signed up for a system I procured a unit for a usage trial. I immediately hooked it up and began using it daily. It’s a relatively small unit, easy to set up, and operate. Within 15 minutes of opening the box I had it primed and pumping. I found a small pouch to carry it nestled under my arm and out of the way. The tiny water tube that runs from my ear to the corner of my mouth is almost invisible and does not interfere with speech or drinking liquids. The unit works perfectly and I really like how the flow can be adjusted based on physical activity. It took awhile to figure out how to sleep with it but once I got comfortable the nighttime release of moisture was immediately noticeable and I was able to stop waking up every couple of hours to sip water in order to stay hydrated.

    I think if I had been able to use this system 15 years ago I might have saved a lot of the $15,000 I have spent on dental repairs and upkeep as well as many of the Dollars I have spent on over the counter dry mouth remedies.

    I am still using my Voutia and I believe it is the best available option for those of us with chronic dry mouth. I can truthfully say that since I started using my Voutia device dry mouth has been relegated to something I don’t really think about too much. And that’s a good thing.

    Mike Greco
    Grateful user of Voutia

  7. Mark Harris

    This device is with out a doubt a game changer for those that suffer with dry mouth. I am a stage 4b squamous cell carcinoma. I have lived with dry severe dry mouth especially at night for the past 6 years. I have now had this device for the past 5 years as I was a test patient. I must say I can not go without it at night. Two thumbs up and 10 stars not 5!!

  8. Brooke Crouch

    There is nothing on the market like Voutia. I am a dental hygienist and a Sjogren’s sufferer and Voutia has been a game changer for me. It has helped my dry throat and has made a drastic improvement in the overall comfort of my mouth. I have tried many products, but Voutia is unrivaled. I would absolutely recommend anyone suffering from dry mouth give Voutia a try. It has greatly improved my quality of life!

  9. Lorrie Donald (verified owner)

    I have suffered with dry mouth for many years. I have tried many different mouthwashes, sugar free lozenges, sprays and many other dry mouth products and none of these seem to help. In January I saw Dr. Thomas Eschenroeder for dental surgery and at that time I told him about my dry mouth issues. He introduced me to the device called Voutia. I was so excited!! I could not wait to purchase the system and start using it.
    Wow, what a difference it has made!! Voutia has helped with my ability to talk clearer by keeping my mouth moist. I am also sleeping better because I am not having to get up during the night to drink. I am not having to carry water around with me during the day while doing daily activities and it has really improved my quality of life.
    The Voutia System is very easy to use and I highly recommend it to anyone that suffers from dry mouth.
    Thank you Dr. Jeff Cash and Dr. Thomas Eschenroeder! The Voutia System has been a game changer for me and has made my life better.

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