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Cathtek safety compliance voutia regulations

Cathtek, Inc. Provides Voutia Safety and Compliance

Voutia™ Partners With Cathtek, Inc. for Safety and Compliance


It is About Safety

We are excited to be working with Cathtek, Inc., a licensed manufacturer of medical products.  Safety and compliance to regulations are at the forefront in building our Voutia™ System.  As required by the U.S. FDA and Code of Federal Regulations, our system is being manufactured and assembled at Cathtek, Inc., an ISO compliant facility in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  With Cathtek, Inc. spearheading assembly, Voutia™ will no doubt meet the compliance and safety mandates important to all users.

Compliance Warrants a Visit

This past Wednesday, 4/7/2021, I made the 7 hour round trip to Cathtek, Inc. dropping off all components necessary for our build.  The owner, Todd Cassidy, has had decades of experience in medical device/component manufacturing. It was a pleasure to walk through construction with him.  There is always an opportunity to learn, and even though I constructed our devices during development, Mr. Cassidy was quickly able to evaluate and streamline the process for which I am most grateful.

Safety and Compliance with a Spacious Facility

Cathtek, Inc. is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina and provides an incredible facility for manufacturing.  Amazingly, their main working area is over 3000 sq/ft and completely isolated from contamination.  Not only is the room sealed to the outside environment, but the entire area is connected to an air filtration system keeping it free from micro-contaminants.  Understandably, I could not be happier partnering with them to meet and most likely exceed the high Federal Requirements for production and safety.


Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS
Founder: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc.