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Voutia Testimonial

To Help People Live a More Comfortable Life, Free of Dry Mouth, Has Always Been Our Goal.

One of our users offered a beautiful testimonial on the help and comfort they had including the Voutia System in their life.  I hope others dealing with dry mouth will have the same experience.  Thank you, Dr. Middleton!!

“Hello! I am Dr. Jane Robinson Middleton, a retired educator, researcher, and consultant. My professional life spanned more than 44 years primarily assisting students with identified special needs. My work involved developing and supervising special education programs, teaching, consulting with other professionals serving special needs populations, developing community-based, multi=disciplinary teams, negotiating interagency agreements for services, advocating for needed legislative action, advocating for students individually, and identifying and implementing personal strategies, assistive technologies, and skills to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities for all individuals to achieve maximum potential and participate fully in productive and rewarding professional and personal lives. I have worked in large and small school divisions, hospitals, privately, and in major universities training professionals and conducting human research under the strict mandates of Institutional Review Boards. I have an earned Ph.D. from the University of Georgia and I am prepared to engage in both quantitative and qualitative research.
The irony is that mid-career I developed many of the disabilities I had been targeting in my work. Initially, I was diagnosed with limited systemic sclerosis (a form of Scleroderma), then Primary Biliary Cholangitis, and most recently Sjögren’s Syndrome. These are all relatively rare autoimmune diseases, progressive, and there are no cures to date. While there are medications that may be helpful in certain situations, and some have managed to extend the expected life span, the side effects, potential adverse drug interactions, and expense have caused me to minimize the use of medications as much as possible, and focus on healthy diet and personal habits, staying active physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.
Over the past five years, my mouth, nose, and eyes became very dry, my teeth began to loosen, making it very difficult to chew anything, swallowing became difficult, and my mouth began to shrink. I could not talk without continually sipping water, and even then, I would have fits of coughing with a dry, ineffectual cough. Massive decay and bad breath quickly followed. I lost all of my teeth, even though I have always been very meticulous about cleaning and had regular, biannual dental check-ups. Without saliva, it is nearly impossible to wear dentures, so I am undergoing a complete oral reconstruction, with bone graphs, sinus lift, and many implants. This is a very long, painful, and expensive process, but the only option available to me in sustaining a life of relative health, comfort, and quality.
I am very fortunate because my surgical and prosthodontist team put me in touch with Dr. Cash, who offered me an opportunity for Beta testing using forerunners of this device in development for over 20 years. I have used it daily since it was offered about 1 ½ years ago. It has made a tremendous difference in my health, my comfort, my confidence, and my quality of life. I never plan to be without it again.
It delivers water continuously, whenever needed, night and day, through a small catheter that is barely detectable. I can sleep through the night now without having to wake up and drink more water. It prevents the episodes of the dry, hacking cough. Swallowing is much easier and I no longer experience the discomfort of feeling that food is hanging in my throat. I awake in the morning feeling more refreshed, with my oral cavity pleasantly moist. I was able to discontinue the use of Pilocarpine, a prescription drug that stimulates production of saliva, but has many adverse side effects. While I do keep a small supply of artificial saliva on hand, I have saved a great deal of money on sprays, rinses, and other products that I was using almost continuously to alleviate the effects of chronic dry mouth.
All of my medical specialists have supported me using this device, and it seems to have speeded my recovery from the oral surgeries, making it possible for me to wear prostheses with reasonable comfort and look presentable throughout the process of oral reconstruction. I feel more confident now that my breath is fresh.
Other perceived benefits that would need to be scientifically validated include a sense that I now produce more moisture naturally. When I use the device regularly every night, I find that I can make it through the day without wearing it every day. This is very helpful since I participate in yoga, water aerobics, and engage in other activities not compatible with use of this device. It also seems to make my eyes and nose somewhat more moist as well. If I use a humidifier through the night as well, I do not need so many supplementary eye drops or moisturizing saline spray for my nose. Finally, I am confident that extra water is healthy, natural, and does not have negative side effects or interactions with any of my medications. I wonder if I might have been able to prevent some of the more devastating effects of my increasing dryness over the years if I had used this device and a humidifier when I first began to experience the increased dryness often associated with these serious medical conditions and with many medications often prescribed for senior citizens. Hopefully, someone will research these topics further.
This testimonial is made voluntarily, with no expectation of compensation or personal gain. I am grateful to have had the benefit of this system through the process of development. If anyone would like to reach me to discuss this further or exchange helpful hints for living with chronic illness or use of this moisture delivery system, you may contact me by text message at 434-865-4066 or email at middleton.jane.r@gmail.com . I will respond, but perhaps not immediately.”

Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS
Founder: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc.