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Frequently Asked Questions

I set up and turned on my device and nothing is coming out.

  • When you first attach the tubing and turn on your device, all the tubes are empty. Because the device does not pump water fast, it can take a few minutes to fill and begin wetting the mouth. 
  • Check to make sure there is no leak at where the tubes meet the pump. If so, slightly tighten the connection some more. 
  • Watch the tube to see if the water is moving through it.
  • Perform the priming procedure for the pump shown in figures 3 & 4 below (in the instruction guide PDF, maybe put the images here as well)
  • Apply light suction to the tube in your mouth. This will speed up the priming of the pump.

I plugged in my device and pressed the key but nothing happens.

  • Check to make sure all plug is all the way plugged into the outlet.
  • Check to make sure the battery is charged on the unit by looking at the lower right display. 
  • Check the speed setting. The sleeping mode is very slow. The tubing may take more time to fill.

I hear the pump working by no water is coming out.

  • Check to make sure the tubes are hooked to the correct ports of the pump.
  • Check the tubing to make sure there is no bend stopping the flow. 
  • Look at the small tube that goes in your mouth to check for any kinks.
  • Check the bottle to make sure it is full of water.
  • Gently suck on the small tube to help pull fluid from the reservoir to the pump.

The plug came out of the device while I was using it and it cut off.

If the unit becomes unplugged during use, turn the device off before reattaching the power cord to the unit. The device should not be harmed if this occurs.

How long will my Voutia™ device last?

By adhering to the recommendations in this document, your Voutia™ device should give you several years of operation. The pump is rated to last > 5000 hours and the battery for 500 charges or approximately 2-3 years.

In the event that your pump stops functioning, or your battery fails to hold a charge, simply return it to the supplier who can evaluate and replace either for a nominal parts and labor fee charge. There is often no need to purchase a completely new Voutia™ device in these situations.

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