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Voutia for Dry Mouth, A Cancer Survivor’s Review

One of the exciting things I experience is reading a head and neck cancer survivor’s review of our Voutia System for dry mouth.  Dry mouth is a horrible condition in head and neck cancer survivor’s lives.  It doesn’t care who you are.  So many aspects of daily life are affected:  eating, sleeping, talking, swallowing…. It is a serious quality of life reducer.

Few suffer as much as those who survived treatment for head and neck cancer….. One of our users, Mr. Mike Greco, was kind enough to write this review of his experience using Voutia.  He has suffered for YEARS with chronic dryness after treatment.  I am so honored that he offered this testimonial to us I just had to share it.

Mr. Mike Greco‘s Unsolicited Review

“I have lived with dry mouth for over 17 years. Radiation treatment in early 2004 cured my Head and Neck cancer but left me with more than a few physical side effects, none as bad as chronic dry mouth. Over the counter products I purchased helped but provided only temporary relief and most importantly I could not find anything that would help me at night when my dry mouth was at its worst.
About a year ago I met a dentist in an on-line cancer support community and we began a casual conversation about dry mouth and he disclosed the fact that he was currently working on a mechanical pump system that would provide all day and all night relief from dry mouth. He said he was naming it Voutia and hoped it would be available within a year.
When Voutia finally launched I signed up for a system I procured a unit for a usage trial. I immediately hooked it up and began using it daily. It’s a relatively small unit, easy to set up and operate. Within 15 minutes of opening the box I had it primed and pumping. I found a small pouch to carry it nestled comfortably under my arm and out of the way. The tiny water tube that runs from my ear to the corner of my mouth is almost invisible and does not interfere with speech or drinking liquids. The unit works perfectly and I really like how the flow can be adjusted based on physical activity. It took awhile to figure out how to sleep with it but once I got comfortable the nighttime release of moisture was immediately noticeable and I was able to stop waking up every couple of hours to sip water in order to stay hydrated.
I think if I had been able to use this system 15 years ago I might have saved a lot of the $15,000 I have spent on dental repairs and upkeep as well as many of the Dollars I have spent on over the counter dry mouth remedies.
I am still using my Voutia and I believe it is the best available option for those of us with chronic dry mouth. I can truthfully say that since I started using my Voutia device dry mouth has been relegated to something I don’t really think about too much. And that’s a good thing.
Mike Greco
Grateful user of Voutia”

If you are a survivor of head and neck cancer, or supporting one, please visit Mr. Greco’s Facebook support group:  “Head and Neck Cancer Survivors.”  It is a wonderful place for support and information.

Jeffrey W. Cash, DDS
Founder: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc.